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2011-11-15 16:46:41 by TechnoHound

I rike dynasaws

Whats the deal with sopa, I mean pipa, I mean Bill S.978, I mean acta, i mean dcma


2011-08-30 10:18:55 by TechnoHound

You make the watermelon wid yo hand.


2011-07-20 13:42:58 by TechnoHound

I really don't like the word pie, it feels all weird and gooey.


2011-06-27 13:36:12 by TechnoHound

I got Team Fortress 2, its free so......

On a side note, I was eating some canned soup and it tasted of horseradish.


2011-05-31 07:51:37 by TechnoHound

I am probably the most trendy guy on the Internet.

You see, I usually go around on different forums and websites to see if there are any cool F2P MMOs. If I see one I like, I download it. But because i'm just so trendy, a week or a month later, ads for those games will start popping up on websites. The games I find out about aren't even new games so there isn't any reason for them to start putting up ads. This leads to the conclusion that I am trendy.

Another example of my trendiness is youtube videos/channels. I found out about FPSRussia, that guy who shows off all his guns and crap, by just searching for modern warfare 3 rumors (I like seeing what people think) and I saw that he had a Black Ops commentary called ModernWarfare 3 Justin Bieber. That was quite amusing so I subscribed to him. One month later, he appears on the front page. I found out about EpicMealTime from a chat room, their videos hadn't even been on the frontpage yet so it was fairly new. Two weeks later, they appear on the frontpage. I'm trendy.

Here's another trendy story. You see I bought a white adidas airliner bag for school because my old bag was broken and hardly any people had the white one. 1 week later, white is the most popular colour of airliner bags in my school.



2011-05-02 16:42:16 by TechnoHound

So I was like playing on League of Legends (That Dota game thing) and I was with this other guy. We both had low health so I went back to base to heal but suddenly, that other guy just went out to attack and died. This would be fine if he had said "Come back dude" before he went or "sorry" afterwards or something like that but he just lashed at me and went sarcastically "Nice support."
So as you would, I said "Its your decision to go and attack with low health." But he was all like "This is a team game" and all that bullshit. I mean if I had higher health I would've said sorry for not supporting him but seriously, he had like 5% health and I had 10%, its kinda dumb to go out and attack an enemy that we have just ran from with hardly any health. As well as this, they had much more health than us. Even after I explained all this crap to him he was still all like "STFU NOOB YOU DIDN'T SUPPORT NOOB TEAM RANT RANT RANT."
Later in the game, some other guy was calling me to go to the middle lane so I did that, unknowingly that the whole other team were going to go fuck my ass. I died and said sorry and crap but the rant guy was like "OMG, YOU JUST FEED THEM." I said sorry again and explained what just happened but he just started ranted against the other guys. Then my internet went down and I disconnected.
What a bitching, whining sore ass.

Here's a minecraft video:


2011-04-08 14:02:30 by TechnoHound

And that is all I have achieved this month.

Ha, Yuan edition.

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2011-03-03 13:42:19 by TechnoHound



2011-02-06 06:07:32 by TechnoHound

Hehe, I spelt donkeys wrong.
I am so FUCKING hilarious.
Aswell as this, I have been playing minecraft all day so my right arm is sore, just like when you wank too much your left arm is sore.

On the 12th of Feb 2011, my fair Laptop had to become 32-bit due to a mischevious Blue screen, I miss his 64-bit self very much.


2011-01-29 08:03:07 by TechnoHound

Owow, minecraft is making me be less active on newgrounds.
Also today is "Be an asshole" Day